So, who’s Tiago?

Tiago is a web and mobile developer with an entrepreneurial twist. Started a computer science degree in 2003 but dropped out in 2006 to start Webreakstuff with three super-talented guys (Fred Oliveira, Pedro Freitas, Tiago Macedo). Has been doing full-stack Ruby on Rails apps and shipping products since 2005. Hosted BarCamp Portugal in Coimbra between 2006 and 2011. Mid-2011 quit Webreakstuff, started doing some Objective-C and worked with a few more talented people, including Ricardo Otero and the guys over at Mobitto. These days is in charge of all CTO duties at Bar Pass. During high school Tiago studied electronics and still loves to tinker with simple projects of hardware like Arduinos and the likes. Recently had lots of fun while doing radio at RUC.

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